PROBABLE CAUSE is one of the Chippewa Valley's most popular cover bands!  12 years and running with the same line up, PC is a band that will deliver!  High energy, great crowd interaction, and a professional attitude, Probable Cause will make your event a time to remember!!

PROBABLE CAUSE band members, David, Jason, Ben, and Cyco deliver a full sound with a dual lead and great variety!  They will delite and entertain with music ranging from classic rock favorite to modern hits!  Rock, pop, and even some country favorites, PROBABLE CAUSE DELIVERS!!


PROBABLE CAUSE was already a local favorite back in 1999.  Some life changes in the band lead them to look for a couple new members.  Ben Stashek from Green Hornet Lunchbox was brought in by Cyco when GH decided to part ways.  Jason  Nichols found David Czysz through a mutual friend after Dave moved from Wisconsin Rapids.  PROBABLE CAUSE LIVED AGAIN!!!  And has had a great run with the same four guys ever since!  Chris Joles was brought in a few years ago to run sound and things really started to take off!!!  



I highly recommend the band Probable Cause to anyone looking for a good, top quality and professional rock and roll band. I have personally helped them get gigs and never have a problem putting my reputation behind them. I have never had one negative thing as feedback from anyone I have worked with about Probable Cause.

Playing with the same members for years and years speaks for itself. Great group of players, singers, and friends.

We also invited them to close the stage at The Northwoods Rock Rally in Glen Flora Wi. and they did exactly what we had hoped. Kept the tent full until the end.

Thank you Probable Cause.

Wayne Zank

Wayne Zank Enterprises/Wisconsin
Office 715-532-3001
Cell 612-251-0708


i own a bar in Colfax and every year we have an annual cycle ride in August. We have had Probable Cause play for the last 4 years returning this year again!!! They play great music they a huge following of people. I have asked them to stay and play longer and they have done that. All around a very fun group and talented musicians.

Brenda D.  Bucksnort Owner 512 Main St, Colfax, WI 54730 (715) 962-4281

This band is amazing!! I love their music and they are so entertaining! They can really bring in a crowd to any establishment! You would lose out on not booking this group!

Tiffany D.

BEST ass-kickin mind blowing rock band out there. GREAT to see such talented individuals come together to make AMAZING music. I have been following them their whole career. They interact with the crowd to keep them involved and ROCKING. You will NEVER be disappointed with their promptness, personalities, music, or show! KEEP UP THE GREAT MUSIC GUYS!!!

Brenda M.

They have been good to work with. I book in advance and that is important to me. Great communications. Professional. Great music selection.

Cindy Welke Owner The Snout 13 W Central St, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729  (715) 723-4848

As a previous bar owner this was one of my best bands. They are great for keeping the crowd on the dance floor and always fun to see. Strongly recommend

Jeremy W.

Very fun band. Highly recommended. Good humor, great play, and songs you'll recognize and sing along with all night.

Jimmy J. Owner Jimmy's Juke Joint 2170 Co Hwy A, Bloomer, WI 54724  (715) 568-4858


"So we hit the road and dropped in at the Snout Saloon for the final set of Probable Cause.  

I feel like I had seen these guys once before.  But, I couldn't really remember them.  I walked out of the Snout a beer later, pretty darned happy we hit them for last call.  The crowd was good sized and filled with lots of happy folks having a really good time.   Probable Cause had people on the dance floor every song of that last set.  It was a fun time to be there.

I liked the song selection as well.  They did a good cover of the Weezer song, _Beverly Hills_.  But there were several others that were a lot of fun.  We hung out there until the very last song, enjoying every minute of it."----Freaks and Geeks